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Tucson Gem Show 2013: Azozeo and the Avatar of the Nameless Light

Tucson Gem Show 2013: Azozeo and the Avatar of the Nameless Light

posted on: April 12, 2013
in: Crystal Journals, Tales

My initial response in hearing of the existence of an even higher frequency Azeztulite was something like this, “Azozeo, Super Activated Azeztulite! Here we go again!” I told my friend and crystal cohort Gretchen as she read out the article on the newly emergent material from Heaven and Earth in this year’s Metaguide, the go-to metaphysical catalogue for all the extra-sensitive truth-seeking, crystal geeks like us who descend on the south-western Arizonan desert every February for the city-wide Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

I must first share my experience with the original Azeztulite because it had been so transformative and pivotal to my own life I can no longer deny that it is what it is said to be. A direct channel to the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun (engineered by a ninth dimensional soul group called the Azez who travel the universe looking for planets on the verge of awakening and harmonize a very common stone there with the frequency of the center of the universe.)

I met Azeztulite in August 2011 on Maui when I was handed a piece and told the name but nothing else. I instantly erupted into a belly-filled laughter and Buddhic smile for thirty minutes before I had to hand it back because I didn’t know what else to do with my life but smile and laugh. That first transmission was really good, but not enough for a major doubting part of my mind that insisted it just looked like regular quartz. So it was that I began subconsciously writing off my experience as a product of the power of suggestion. Even though I was only told about the properties of Azeztulite after I held it, my mind was firmly attempting to reverse my experience to reflect otherwise.

I listened to my friends tell me more about the story behind Azeztulite. I learned of the Azez, their plans to engineer all the quartz on the planet into Azeztulite and how Robert Simmons got involved in working with them. Needless to say my curiosity and skepticism were at their respective peaks. Something about that story mixed with my first experience holding the stone was strong enough to compel me to attempt to speak with the Azez more intimately myself.

A few days later, upon setting a ceremonial space to listen inwardly, I sat with Azeztulite and Moldavite (Moldavite for its galactic harmonies) in mediation for many hours. My intentions were to sit and listen to the stones and see if I could get to the depth of this whole Azeztulite thing. Now this is not something I did regularly before this but after a considerably long period of mediation I openly spoke to the stones and asked to go to the Great Central Sun.

Following the unfurling of my imagination, it wound through the wormholes of space and time as I traveled through the Azeztulite stone’s channel, guided by Moldavite, and popped out before a pulsing sun bigger than thousands of galactic neighborhoods combined. It told me it was only an apparent concept of the Great Central Sun, like I was only an apparent concept of myself in human form and that ultimately we were both non-local entities of oneness and that we could meet in oneness and exchange information if I were to let go of my human form and resonate with its higher geometries. So as I shifted myself into a human-sized golden sphere, I merged with it and began a nightlong conversation with the Azez.

They told me they had indeed come to Earth to raise the vibration of the planet through quartz, but that they weren’t the only ones. Human beings are invited to awaken quartz with Azeztulite now as well. I had images of putting my hand on buildings to awaken the quartz, or standing in the desert with a piece of Azeztulite asking the whole desert to awaken to its Azeztulite nature. They said I was welcome to do so as was anyone who was called to take on this project.

I had a thought, a human thought, that Azeztulite was such a long, otherworldly name for a stone grounding light here on Earth. I was already missing the name ‘Quartz.’ What a perfect name. How could they do that to us? So I decided a way of asking them that was neither human-centric, nor disrespectful to their aim, which I knew was far beyond what my little human mind could comprehend. I, in turn, asked if I could honor their work by giving Azeztulite an earthly name. They agreed so I sat there and in moments the phrase, ‘Nameless Light,’ came straight to mind. I thought it was beautiful and touched aspects of the mystical voice of experience as in Sufism that often speaks of God as ‘The Nameless One.’ It was very fitting to me, ‘The Stone of the Nameless Light.’ The Azez told me, before we parted, that if I chose to participate in awakening the world’s quartz that would make me an emissary of the Nameless Light. I agreed, thanked them for their wisdom, left the Great Central Sun and put the crystals down for the night. I had never done something like that before for so long. I was spent.

Mind you, I had not read into the depth of the story of Azeztulite written in Robert’s book, Stones of the New Consciousness, yet. I had only heard the tale of the Azez and the very basic properties of Azeztulite. It wasn’t until the next morning that I read the book and discovered that Robert had researched the linguistic origins of the word Azez and came to the root, as it was a literal and vibrational translation of the light from the Great Central Sun under the closest approximation of the words, ‘Nameless Light.’ I was speechless! How could this be? That was supposed to be my name for it! It wasn’t until I read the end of the story where Robert suggests using Azeztulite to awaken quartz in cities, deserts and all over the world that I threw the book across the room and fundamentally ushered my doubt out the door for good.

Having curiously followed the wild ride of Azeztulite’s own story, I was brought to bear witness on the truth in my own experience matching the book’s tale uncannily and came out of it forever changed. It not only shifted my doubt about Azeztulite out of the field of possibility but every other stone I came into contact with after that night I saw in a completely new light, so to speak.

Which brings me back to my initial reaction to the new Azozeo material of this year’s Gem Show, “Azozeo, Super Activated Azeztulite! Here we go again!” Here we go again, I thought. Will it be as compelling as my initial experience with the original stuff? I had no idea.  Though I knew I had to find that ripe skepticism once again, in order to truly meet this new frequency of Azeztulite and feel for its subtle quality. I had to go without any expectations.

I didn’t feel much at first when Gretchen and I walked into the building that housed Heaven and Earth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year. Azozeo was all over the room but it was along day and I was quite a bit hungry so I walked around the room for a while to reach equilibrium. Though shortly enough, Gretchen came over and handed me a bracelet strand of Azozeo Azeztulite and I was instantly blasted with strong electromagnetic waves of feeling from my hand throughout my entire body. Shockingly, it was one of the most energetically potent stones I’d ever felt upon first contact. I knew instantly the difference between the original Azeztulite and the Azozeo frequency.

The original Azeztulite is the eminence of pure light from the Great Central Sun and an open door for all who would like to come and meet it. It is a direct channel. It can be met like all stone beings, through meditation and active participation with the stone’s energies. The Azozeo frequency, on the other hand, is the living consciousness of the Nameless Light from the Great Central Sun manifest here on Earth to do the active work of the Azez through the Azeztulite stone. It doesn’t need to be met traditionally because the invitation Robert made during the initial ceremony to awaken its highest potential gave it the permission to do the work it needs to here, wherever that may be on Earth. Since it has been invited to enter this plane of existence, it works freely with all who willingly bring it into their field.

Touching it is enough of an invitation to send it coursing through one’s liquid crystalline matrix to fill them with light and absolve their dark places into the Nameless Light. When the Azozeo frequency is combined with other stones, it aligns those stone beings with their own highest potential, awakening them further to their own deep gifts. It is an amplifier for our highest potential as light beings on this planet. It is an active teacher on what it means to be both a sentient living consciousness and completely non-local at the same time. It allows for an experience of instant release from the illusion of isolated selfhood through a somatic communion with the Universal Consciousness of the Nameless Light.

I got all that in just a few transmissions with holding the Azozeo material. Needless to say, I was yet again speechless. It was a lesson for me in the power of the alchemy of story and intention. Through the right container and ceremonial space the living presence of the Nameless Light was invited directly into the initial channel in the Azeztulite stone.

After resting from my revelations, I decided to make another ceremonial space of intention to sit with the Azozeo frequency. I brought an original Azeztulite sphere and a piece of Phenacite with me this time. It was one of the stones the Azez used to originally engineer Azeztulite. It was housed in a small Vector Equilibrium pendant Gretchen had made surrounded by an eight-sided diamond geometry, like two pyramids bottom to bottom, not unlike part of the pyramid structure Bob used to awaken Azeztulite to its highest nature.


It took me some time to settle my mind in Tucson surrounded by so much crystal energy, but after relaxation with herbal tea I found considerable focus and I traveled with ease to the Great Central Sun and merged with its light. The Azez were there. They knew of my work with stones since our last communion and they were happy to see me further along the path. They asked me if I would like to partake in an experiment. I had all the elements needed, essentially the Phenacite and the original Azeztulite. It only took my agreeing to the invitation of the experiment. So it was, in a similar way that Robert had invited the Azozeo frequency into the Azeztulite with Phenacite, I invited the Azozeo frequency into the liquid crystalline matrix of my body.

The blossoming of light from within my light body was instantaneous and all encompassing. It washed away lifetimes of self-doubt, fear, guilt and worry from throughout my inner field of experience with a consciousness of its own. I found myself filled with a light emanating from deep within my heart center and radiating outwardly throughout my entire circulatory system. I could breathe more deeply and see the geometries of the universe more clearly. The sense of my own life’s path unfolding before me had never been so crystal clear and obvious. Other peoples’ luminosity was more apparent than it had ever been before.  I had undergone yet another transformation, from emissary of the Nameless Light to avatar of the Nameless Light. Though I had been given a tremendous gift from the Azez for my work thus far, it was up to me to continue to hold the Nameless Light in my field of experience as long as I chose to be a part of this new experiment with the Azozeo frequency, engineering the Nameless Light into the mineral body of human beings world wide!