An experimental workshop for the alchemy of traditional intuition and modern day magic by Steven Odell.

Throat Chakra Healing Wand

Selenite Throat Chakra Healing Wand encourages the heart’s truth to be spoken clearly and firmly in the seat of our own beautiful, unique voice. The throat chakra is the realm of the creative voice. It is how we share our truths with the rest of the world. All the artists, the poets, the writers and the troubadours throughout history have found harmony with their throat chakras.

Amazonite invites us to follow our divine purpose with all the trust we can manage because it is amazonite that reminds us we are here for a reason. The more we trust our hearts and invite our truth to come out in creative acts, the more our lives become works of art themselves. We, in turn, become true cultural creators by manifesting the harmony of our own unique expression of reality into the world.

The selenite acts as a channel for conducting this energy into our bodies. Infused in each Selenite Chakra Healing Wand is dust from the Imperial Chinese treasure stone, Yeh Ming Zhu. Yeh Ming Zhu is the manifestation of the essential chi in the universe. It amplifies and concentrates the energy represented in each of the Chakra Healing Wands.

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These chakra healing wands are in collaboration with Lotus Lazuli Sacred Geometry Jewelry Activation Matrices. Find the subtle tools jewelry arts of Lotus Lazuli here.



The intuitive wand and matrix combo of the Chakra Healing Tool Set are the complimentary perceptive and receptive aspects of the Universe. The Chakra Healing Wands from Second Nature Subtle Tools are directional and act on specific points within our body. They work by filling points of stagnance and dis-ease with crystal light and depending on the chakra one wishes to work with, bring those areas to harmony for that chakra.

Lotus Lazuli’s Chakra Balancing Activation Matrices are surrogate expressions of the chakras themselves. They act as open portals emanating the light of each chakra to aid in bringing our own chakra aspects into balance. Their pure crystal light displaces any chakra that might be in a place of habitual misalignment and re-establishes a clear resonance of bioelectric light from that chakra.

Together, with the light of intention, one may direct the focus of the wands through the central nodes of the matrices, sending healing chakra light through any level of the body. By using the matrices as a portal into the chakras of the body, one can work directly with the light energy of the nervous system, the emotional body, the astral body and any aspect of our many bodies that may be out of alignment with our essential nature of harmony and rainbow light clarity.