An experimental workshop for the alchemy of traditional intuition and modern day magic by Steven Odell.

Galactic Open Heart Kunzite Wand

The Galactic Open Heart Kunzite Wand is a enitely custom wand channeled into being by the stones themselves. Having acquired all the pieces, I was called to forge them together into one being so they could bring about a profound amplification of heart openning and planetary healing together that none could do alone. As with the human race, we are unstoppable in our dreams together, what we could not fathom alone. This wand is five inches long.

A Sirius Wand for the Sovern Soul. This wand is a powerhouse of heavenly heart opening. In our rapidly evolving times, as we all align our hearts with a higher purpose in order to serve and thrive, we are asked to open our hearts beyond all understanding. As the Earth aligns with the center of the galaxy, we align in turn with the center of our hearts. This wand aids us in our path towards Unity of heart and mind.

Moldovite is a very galactic stone. It is a form of meteoric glass that came from outer space to affect inner change on all who are called to it’s emerald allure. It is known to be harmonized with the center of the galaxy and as such it is a profound ally in our times of great awakening. Moldovite expands one’s awareness of their highest calling and aids on the accelleration of that journey.

Meteorite holds a singularity of light in its nickel iron core. This unequaled density of light comes from the matter of the meteorite that has landed on the Earth while the light body of the stone is still traveling now light years from Earth. This high powered singularity can be channeled with intention to instantly draw out any stagnance and dis-ease of heart or mind and send it through the meteorite millions of light years away. This singular focus can also be directed along the wand to produce precision energy work through the Kunzite wand body akin to Galactic Open Heart Surgery.

Kunzite is one of the most powerful heart stones. It compliments Moldovite as the twin high heart rays of pink and green, channeling divine love without and supportive self-love within from throughout the galaxy. It holds one of the highest cosmic heart opening frequencies across the stone world.

I hope it brings you the joy and illumination to your heart it has brought to mine in sharing in its creation!