An experimental workshop for the alchemy of traditional intuition and modern day magic by Steven Odell.


In our times, the polarities of the earth are in flux. We yearn for balance and the sustainability of stability. On the edge of the world, we are called back home. As an offering to that harmony, Lotus Lazuli and Second Nature Subtle Tools have come together in collaboration.

Amazonite Quartz Selenite Wand for the Throat Chakra by Second Nature Subtle Tools and Larimar Quartz Azeztulite Flower of Life Activation Matrix for the Throat Chakra by Lotus Lazuli - Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Wand for the Throat Chakra with Amazonite, Quartz and Selenite by Second Nature Subtle Tools and Flower of Life Activation Matrix for the Throat Chakra with Larimar, Quartz and Azeztulite by Lotus Lazuli – Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Second Nature Subtle Tools selenite wands are tools for the extension of our body’s own natural energy field. We are surrounded in a great flow of energy at all times. Sometimes that energy can become stagnant or dull. Selenite is one of the most clearing and regenerating stones for the energy of the body. The frequency of the selenite wand changes when additional gemstones are added. This energy can be directed through the wand using one’s intention. With the addition of Yeh Ming Ju, the legendary glowing imperial treasure stone of China, to the interior of the wands we have amplified the vital energy of the wands. Now even those who have a hard time feeling energy have, at times, been deeply moved.

Lotus Lazuli’s activation matrix is a crystal grid channeling energy through the pattern of the Flower of Life. The geometry of the Flower of Life gives the grid its shape. The gemstones add their specific frequencies to the grid. With shape and tone, a template for energy to flow through is created.

The activation matrix and selenite wand come together when the practitioner sends intentional healing energy through the wand into the matrix itself. It expands through the template and gains resolution through the geometry of the flower of life. This energy passes through the body or the earth harmonizing the surrounding field as it moves. Thus, in one motion heaven and earth are one.