An experimental workshop for the alchemy of traditional intuition and modern day magic by Steven Odell.

Artist in Resonance


It has been my passion to uncover the forgotten and hidden memories of magic of this planet since I was a child. Back then, I would wander the woods and creeks of my hometown asking the rocks, feathers, moss and bones for answers. They taught me a lot about subtlety and listening to the quiet voices calling out all around us.

I have been a self-learned student of the mysteries for 13 years. I have immersed myself in studying the topics esoteric history, cha chi (tea energy), cryptozoology, cryptomemology, crystal consciousness and multiple modalities of self-healing. Awakening to our personal mythology, to me, is the key to our evolution and survival on this Earth we call home. It is how we become sovereign, joyous beings of space and time while still being rooted in the present with respect and compassion for the interdependent reality we all share.

Thank you for your interest in Second Nature Subtle Tools. May a tool find you that suits your own further illumination.