An experimental workshop for the alchemy of traditional intuition and modern day magic by Steven Odell.

Library of Tools

Selenite Wands
permalinkThese selenite wands are tools for clearing channels in the spheres of the body. They work in alchemy with many stones. Coming together with human intention to access unique frequencies of light, they evoke different states of consciousness for personal transformation. This is imagination at work.
Feather Mobiles
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Simple but profound to behold. These energy generators are perpetual motion machines made out of feathers, string and a single stone. They circulate and promote healthy chi flow through a balanced fung shui when hung in the home space. Watching them alone or with friends in a quiet room brings deep peace of mind and nourishment to the spirit. Known to be rather hypnotic by gently inducing happiness in the heart when observed over tea on a breezy day. Sometimes, the simplest things move us the most.

Subtle Knives
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Labradorite subtle knives are for subtle psychic surgery of the third eye. They release and absolve any calcification that may have occurred in the third vision. Labradorite is a stone of consciousness expansion. It aids one in remembering we are all more than mere flesh and bone. With so much energetic stagnation of the third vision in our contemporary times, ways to clear the cataracts of our collective consciousness are in great need.

Creature Consciousness
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Hailing from the space between space to sing us their songs of galactic sovernity, these creatures release soundwaves from their sub-consciousness designed to emit vibrations of peace and non-duality. These vibrations translate in our ears as ambient, space music that can be a relaxing addition to any mellow gathering. They’re excellent allies for calming the mind after a long day at work. They can also double as best friend and soundtrack for an adventurous child.

Moss Agate Tea Cups
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A taste of the forest in your tea! Do you long for the forest but have no direct access? Do you like to take your tea into the trees? Moss agate teacups contain an energetic resonance that’s like being fully immersed in the redwood forests of Northern California. Combined with your favorite earthy tea, you might just find roots growing from your feet.